If someone pointed a gun to my head and said “YOU MUST LAND AN INTERVIEW THIS WEEK..”

Then here’s what I’d do:

(btw – I know that may have been a bit extreme. Landing an interview is not life or death, but it sure felt like it when I was laid off many years ago.

I would first and foremost avoid spending time on a job board – those have terrible odds.

Instead here’s what I would do:

1️⃣ Connect directly with hiring managers/leaders
2️⃣ Walk them through how I can help them
3️⃣ Make sure I follow up

Here’s how I would do it:

Here’s what your connect request will say: 

Hi {name} – I came across your profile while researching the {role} at {company}. I have {this is where you you’d insert how you’re a good fit such as} 7+ years of experience building GTM strategies for B2B SaaS products that have grown monthly active users by an average of 37% YoY. Would you be open to a 15 min coffee chat?  

Example Message (send after they accept)

I was researching the Vice President of Customer Success role on your team. Your search for someone who has worked on X and Y for ABC caught my attention.
Over the past 5.5 years:

  • I have been entrusted with building, developing, and leading teams of up to 8 CSM’s
  • Managing over $25M+ ARR while implementing effective upselling strategies.
  • Growing ARR 17% YOY by developing a deep understanding of our features and benefits to articulate the platform’s value to customers and drive adoption.
  • Monitoring and analyzing key metrics related to customer engagement and usage, and collaborating with cross-functional teams (Customer Marketing, Account Management, Customer Onboarding, Product, and Engineering) to improve customer outcomes and drive business growth.
  • Decreasing churn from 5.4% down to 3.1% through utilizing valuable insights on customer usage, providing ongoing demo’s and trainings on our products to help our customers better achieve their goals
  • Increasing our NPS rates to 9.7/10 (up from 8.1)

Would you be open to chatting (at any of the times below) to see if there might be some synergies for us to work together? I presume you have a busy schedule, and I am willing to accommodate your availability. And I am aware that we do not know each other, however I figured I would still inquire.

Date/time Option 1
Date/time Option 2
Date/time Option 3

Thanks in advance,

What’s the worst that can happen?

If they don’t respond or tif they say no, then nothing has changed. You’re right back to where you are today.

BUT…. WHAT IF they say yes??

That means that you just secured a conversation with someone that can move the needle for you, about a job that you know you would crush if you go it.

There is virtually no downside to doing this.

How my wife landed me dinner with a multi-millionaire using the strategy above

Not only has the approach above helped 800+ clients land interviews and job offers with companies they admire since 2016 (It’s already helped 19 people in our program this year alone),it’s also the same approach that my wife also used to get me a dinner-date with a multi-millionaire.

If you want to see a few pics of the message she sent, and one of the best days of my life,then click here.

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