After helping 700+ people land high paying job offers, we realized…

Most people don’t know job boards work like the MLS.

If you see a house on the market for too long you wonder what’s wrong with it.

Even if the house is PERFECT.

It’s possible the agent listed it too high or took terrible pictures.

Your resume works the same way.

Even if you’re PERFECT for a role…

If you list a salary too high or you’re missing keywords…

You’re going to be overlooked and bumped to page 62.

Most hiring managers aren’t scrolling to page 62 to see old candidates.

In fact…

As soon as they get a handful of great candidates…

They’re ignoring everyone else.

So here are 3 pro tips to flood your inbox with interview requests:)

Pro Tip 1

Never put a salary amount. Instead put N/A or $0. You don’t want to overprice yourself out of a role because salaries are ALL negotiable.

Pro Tip 2

Change SOMETHING on your resume each Sunday night. Even if it’s adding a comma or changing your zip code to the next town over. This will bump you back to the top of the list

Pro Tip 3

Optimize your resume using the EXACT keywords from role descriptions, so you show up when they search for those keywords (here’s a step-by-step video explainer:

11 Job Boards for Remote Tech Roles

Built In great for startups and enterprise companies
– Wellfound great for jobs at venture-backed startups
– The Muse great resource for jobs, advice, info
– Indeed still used by recruiters + enterprise
– FlexJobs large databases for part, full, temp jobs
– Jobspresso great for design, sales, + programming
– We Work Remotely has exciting start-up opportunities
– Remote Okay features both tech and non-tech roles
– Skip The Drive LLC for tech, admin, consulting, and sales
– Crossover  for finance, software, marketing, ops roles
– Remotive – Remote Jobs user friendly + valuable advice

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