In an employer driven market (which we’re in today)…

It can be terrifying to counter a low-ball salary offer.

We see it all the time…

After someone’s been laid off…

It’s tough to muster up the courage to negotiate.

It feels MUCH SAFER to be happy you got ANY offer.

But ask yourself,

How much are you leaving on the table?

One guy just came to us after being laid off for 8.5 months…

So as soon as he got ANY offer, he was relieved.

Even though the company MASSIVELY UNDERVALUED him…

He wasn’t going to negotiate.

Fortunately, Gaurav Valani encouraged to him to write a simple counter offer email.

Just a liiiittle push back in one simple (polite) email.

Guess what happened?

When he pushed back (properly):

✅ Base salary: up by $30k

✅ RSU’s: up by $110k

✅ Sign on bonus: $15k

✅ Total comp package: increased by $155,000!!

Now, you could see this as a nice salary bump…

But a more accurate way to look at it this…

The company low balled him by $155k!

Companies do this left and right (especially if they can sense desperation).

Moral of the story: always advocate for yourself because no one else will.

If you’re feeling unsure about negotiations or your job search… 

We’re here for you.

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