Is your job search not working? It’s probably because you don’t know where to focus your efforts.

The 6/35 Method is an easy-to-follow structured process that will help you land more interviews/job offers.

How The 6/35 method works: 

– Spend 30 mins per day Mon – Fri on your job search
– 5 mins on Sunday using the process below

 🗓️ Sunday: Scan (5 minutes)

Scan the week ahead and block out 30 mins window each day (Mon-Fri) to focus on your search.

🗓️ Monday: Apply to jobs you’re interested in (30 minutes)

→ Do not apply to too many different types of jobs
→ Remember that the man who chases two rabbits catches none.

Pro Tip: Create ONE keyword optimized resume you can use for all applications

Resource #1:Step-by-Step Job Search Guide

Resource #2:Pre-Written Resume Templates

🗓️ Tuesday: Reach out to recruiters + leaders (30 minutes)

→ Reach out to 5 Recruiters who work at the companies you just applied to and start conversations with each of them
→ Reach out to 5 Senior Leaders who work at the companies you just applied to and start conversations with each of them 

Resource #1: How to find them + what to say

🗓️ Wednesday: Reach out to past alumni (30 minutes)

This doesn’t mean just the people you went to college with. It also includes:
→ People who once worked at the same companies that you worked at.
→ People that are part of industry associations that you’re a part of.
→ People who might be in the same user groups as you.

Pro Tip: Check their company websites to see if there are any openings you’re interested in and ask them for a referral link so they can get paid if you get hired.

🗓️ Thursday: Google top staffing agencies (30 minutes)

Run a Google search on the top 10 staffing agencies that specialize in your skillset
→ Check if they have any current/upcoming openings you’d be a good fit for
→ Begin connecting with Recruiters at each of them
→ Send them your resume in advance
→ Follow up w/ them each week

Pro Tip: Ask them what openings they are working on so you can potentially send them referrals. They will love you for this (trust me).

🗓️ Friday: Tie up loose ends (30 minutes)

→ Follow up w/ anyone from the previous week
→ Update your resume that’s posted on the job boards
→ Track how your week went (i.e. applications, outreach, responses etc.).

Resource: Free (simple) job tracker

 🗓️ Saturday: Chill out

Chill out and don’t go anywhere near your job search. You need to recharge.

 🗓️ Sunday: Rinse and repeat

Scan the week ahead and block out 30 mins window each day (Mon-Fri) to focus on your search.

A systemized process allows you to get clarity on what is or isn’t working. If you’re tracking your results from each day, you’ll soon know where you are seeing the most ROI.

Overtime, these efforts will compound and you’ll be much further ahead than you would be, had you simply applied to jobs all day long.

To your success!


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