3 Questions For You:

  1. Have you ever wondered why there are people with less experience than you making more than you? In better positions than you?
  2. Ever wonder why your company made an outside hire for a job that you know you were more than qualified for?
  3. Have you ever found yourself saying, “I know just as much as my manager? I can do their job.” 

Those who thrive in their careers vs. simply survive do not:

    • Have a better education than
    • Have more connections than you
    • Come from a more affluent family than you

    Do those things help? Sure.

    Is that usually the reason? Hardly.

    How do I know?

    I’m living proof. And so are 790+ clients of mine.

    – Between the ages of 22 to 27, I had 10 dead-end jobs.
    – I never made more than $46,500 in that time frame.
    – My first job was selling ads in the Yellow Pages 
    – I did not attend a well-known/prestigious college.
    – I’ve experienced what it feels like to be laid off.
    – I felt fomo from seeing my friends crushing it.
    – I’ve seen others being promoted over me.
    – I felt I’d never amount to anything (a lot).

    BUT.. by the time I turned 31 I:

    • helped build a $72M staffing agency that was acquired for multiple millions
    • became one of the youngest executives of a publicly-traded company
    • made $350,000 in base + $500,000 in stocks + $150,000 in bonuses.

      Did I get lucky? Maybe. (Although I’d prefer to believe that I prepared myself to be in a position to capitalize on opportunities)

      But what about the 790+ clients I’ve worked with who have seen results like:

      – 10 years stuck at $180k, to now making $400k
      – 7 years stuck as a mid-level Manager now an SVP
      – 137 different clients who broke $500k for the first time
      – 450 different clients who broke $200k/$300k for the first time
      – Countless others who achieved results they NEVER thought they could until they ACTUALLY DID.

      95% of the time, they were no different than me, and most likely no different than you.

      • They’ve all felt lost at one point or another throughout their careers
      • Most have been laid off only to feel completely disoriented and undervalued
      • Every single one questioned their self-worth which impacted their self-confidence
      • Many stayed at companies for far too long and the longer you stay at one company:
        • The easier it becomes to be taken for granted (not always intentional)
        • The lower you make compared to what you can make in the open market

      So what changed our situations?

      So what changed our situations?

      [1]. Well first, there was a deep and conscious effort to adopt a new paradigm:

      We had to change our mindset from: I can’t do it –> I just haven’t been able to do it yet.

      There is a big difference between I can’t do it and I haven’t done it (yet).

      [2]. We began incorporating a new set of actions.

      More often than not, we stay stuck in the same place because we keep repeating the same actions even though the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. By adopting a new set of actions (with a new belief pattern as the foundation), we began to get new results

      [3]. The results we got from our new actions reinforced the new belief-patterns we adopted.

      This reinforcement…this new set of results now put us on an entirely new and upward trajectory vs. keeping us stuck in the same place

      This is illustrated below:

      If you want a further explanation, check out this 6 min video:

       → If you find yourself stuck in the same place and tired of being underpaid, undervalued and underutilized
      → Tired seeing others land the roles you know you deserve and are qualified for, and really ready to make a shift in your career
      → Finally open to to adopting a new set of beliefs + actions that will serve you for the rest of your life vs. keep you stuck in the same position indefinitely
      → And want to learn the exact actions that you can take today to profoundly change the quality of your career/life and potentially the lives of your loved ones

      Then I am here to support you when you are ready.

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      I hope this serves and can’t wait to meet you!

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